Thursday, April 15, 2010

What I plan to read

Last night, StraightMan and I finally got around to opening the crate of books that he received as an honorarium for reviewing a manuscript. (For those unfamiliar with the practice, a university or scholarly press might offer, say, $100 in cash or $200 in books. Typically, we take the books.) With all that goes on, the box sat unopened all weekend and into this week! So, it was like Christmas morning for us. StraightMan generously requested more than half the titles for me. (Now, that is love!) Including Branches by Philip Ball, which turns out to be part of a trilogy. Having no time at the moment to read more than the dust jacket, I am in danger now of imagining what this book, and the other two, should say and how and the kinds of thoughts it might provoke.

I have Tim Ingold's Lines on my desk at home. It has a short subtitle of explanation, but is this a sign of the "simple" movement belatedly making its mark on scholarly publishing?

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