Sunday, September 26, 2010

The hit

Back in the spring, I blogged about putting "Date Night" on our Netflix queue.

StraightMan and I finally saw it last night. We decided that reviews were lukewarm b/c either the reviewers have no notion of what it means to have a date night or they know too well and the movie hit too close for yuks.

Including the part when Tina Fey tells Steve Carell that her fantasy is to be able to check into a hotel by herself and have time alone and not have how her day was depend on how it was for everyone else around her.

I am sitting here in my office, on campus, on an overcast Sunday morning, mentally preparing myself to grade 90 undergraduate "fieldwork" papers. Sigh.

StraightMan has taken Beanie and Bubbie out for a little local color - the annual PumpkinFest, which includes the weighing / judging of giant pumpkins that will be hollowed and prepared as small watercraft, then raced in a "regatta" at the lake.

To be honest, I am not sure who is taking the hit here.

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