Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Can we put the tiger mama to rest?!

I would like, as a friend declared herself on Facebook, to be done with Amy Chua and all the hullabaloo about tiger mothers. Here, however, are what I hope might be two parting shots:

A piece in answer to Chua in The Wall Street Journal on how a parent can teach a child that even when you fail, you still can live to tell (and even succeed).

Five words that I am surprised to be able to utter: I agree with David Brooks:

Practicing a piece of music for four hours requires focused attention, but it is nowhere near as cognitively demanding as a sleepover with 14-year-old girls. Managing status rivalries, negotiating group dynamics, understanding social norms, navigating the distinction between self and group — these and other social tests impose cognitive demands that blow away any intense tutoring session or a class at Yale.

Frankly, I still feel like I could use extra help with understanding social norms. This is why, I suppose, I had to pursue a PhD in cultural anthropology.

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