Monday, April 11, 2011

Plumbing the depths

Something I find more intimidating than even the process of buying a house is the process of remodeling. We moved into our house knowing that we would have to redo the upstairs bathroom (and eventually the kitchen and downstairs bathroom) and have been deferring that decision ever since.

However, the peeling wallpaper and paint flaking from the ceiling and the water staining on the vinyl flooring make abundantly clear that our upstairs bathroom requires attention. So, I am starting to think about the redo. Blurgh.

A particular challenge is that the bathroom measures about 5 by 8. Which actually is fine with me, except that I harbor a deep desire for deep baths. (Calgon, take me away!) Which is leading me to look rather longingly at the walk-in soaking tub:

Or is it too geriatric?

Or is that perhaps a forward looking investment in case we sell the house to empty nesters or stay here past retirement ourselves?

Coming next: Oh, how the Toto makes me want to go-go.

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