Friday, September 28, 2012

School daze

Bubbie wants to be a Kindergarten teacher.

Tonight, he began accumulating prizes for the "treasure box" that he plans to use as a reward for his students' good behavior. The items included a Pokemon card from a McDonald's Happy Meal, a shiny sheriff's badge from a birthday party goody bag, and a pair of wings from Continental Airlines.

"Look at! Really cool stuff."

As StraightMan helps him into his footed, striped monkey pajamas, Bubbie tells us that his class will say about him: "Bubbie the Teacher rocks!"

A little while later he tells me: "Or they might call me Mister."

So, it seems like none of my fears about Bubbie starting school have been realized. We seem to have had a terrific start.

Here is Bubbie's handwriting exercise on the letter "H / h," with a drawing of his choice of "H / h" word. I think he might have a future in anthropology!


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