Sunday, May 16, 2010

Birthday party wisdom

No anthropological content in this posting. Although I suppose I could muse on the significance of bears in contemporary American ideas and practices concerning families and children. Oh, how the mighty totem has fallen! Infantilized and juvenated so.

Bubbie turns 3 years old this Wednesday! We celebrated the occasion today - it turns out that after 2 kids and a total of 8 (now 9) kids' birthday parties that I have organized, I know more or less what to do:

Keep it small and simple. We invited 4 families / 5 kids.

Have brunch. Especially for the pre-school set. The kids are happy and excited when they arrive. As their energies begin to flag, you give them sugar. Then as they start to crash, it is time to go home for a nap.

The pleasures of brunch, I believe, depend on vast quantities of eggs and heavy cream. In addition to a spinach-and-cheese strata (modified over time from The America's Test Kitchen Family Cookbook), I made a baked French toast (from Gourmet).

Have lots of coffee. In place of sugar, for the grown-up's.