Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The downside

I followed a link from martinimade to this piece in Salon on the high cost of "opting out."

This is what gets me:

An implied, faintly sinister coercion -- a good mom doesn't want money -- fuels a system that relies on our unpaid childcare, household chores and volunteer work but offers no safety net.

Also, as journalist Katy Read details throughout the piece, a system that continues to underpay women. B/c of course we do not want or really need the money from work to which we apparently are attached only tenuously: "Opt" in or out.

What will it take for the necessity of women's various works to be recognized?

I worry that These Hard Economic Times will make it only harder.



  1. Yes, exactly this. Thanks to you (and the folks at salon) for articulating something I've had a hard time figuring out how to say for many years.

  2. hey, Elana! Thanks for commenting. Hope all is well with you :)