Thursday, February 3, 2011


In addition to being a just plain geek (about topics such as Constitutional law, as I revealed in my previous post), I have become a GleeK, as in a fan of the show "Glee." (StraightMan have been watching Season 1 on DVD.)

I am late to the game, I know, so other GleeKs do not need for me to go on and on about how much it makes me both laugh and smile and occasionally tear up (esp. the interactions between Kurt, a style and design-oriented teen who also is gay, and his father, a flannel-clad, Mellencamp-listening guy's guy who accepts his son no matter what), but I have to say what also has gets me about the show is its portrayal of teachers.

Not to get all "Dangerous Minds" about it, but the show portrays the teachers as truly believing in their work and in other people, even working under impossible conditions and occasionally with impossible people, including other teachers and students alike.

My favorite episode to date is, perhaps predictable, "The Power of Madonna." However, I also recommend the one with Neil Patrick Harris, both to see / hear Dr. Horrible in a duet arrangement of "Dream On," and for the brief shout-out to the importance of supporting both arts education and physical education. If we all understand how important they are, why do we not support them adequately?

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