Sunday, March 6, 2011

Clowy the Little Fish: A Fish Tale by Beanie

Here is a story that Beanie wrote this afternoon (on Sunday, March 6, 2011). She asked me whether or not she could publish it, so I told her how about on my blog? I confess that the story makes me a bit teary.

Clowy the Little Fish

In Trickle Berry Field at the edge of the world there was a pond. In the pond lived pretty little turtles, spotted happy frogs, and pretty little red fish. The water was clean, the seaweed was green and none of the little fish were mean.

Until one late afternoon in April in 2006, a little blue fish was born in a patch of brown sticks.

All the fish laughed when she went to the park. They would say look at Little Blue whose last name is Kark. She is blue and we are all red. We can’t let her play or sleep in our beds. She makes us go crazy and we don’t have sweet little thoughts in our heads.

The little blue fish would always say my name is not Blue, my name is Clowy and that kept on happening until one day Clowy moved away.

Suddenly the fish all felt sad so they decided to tell Clowy sorry we made you mad. So they wrote a letter to her and Clowy wrote back and said it’s okay. Come over to my house soon and have a snack.

So since then the pond has been peaceful and there are many kinds of fish swimming happily and that’s their wish.


I should add that the inspiration for this fish tale is a game that I gave Beanie for her 7th birthday - Rory's Story Cubes - which is the gift Beanie plans to give her friends for their 7th birthdays, too. (That means you, too, Miss American Girl, turning 7 next week.)

It turns out to be a good game to incorporate little brothers who are not quite 4 years old and not all that enthused about playing by rules. Bubbie is a story teller who likes to induce complications in a plot, prefacing each new development with the phrase: "Just then..."


  1. BTW, I forgot to mention all the internal rhyming! Which I thought she pulled off rather successfully, except for the forced park / Kark.

  2. Beanie just added a moral to her story: "Think before you speak."

    We also considered a second moral: "It is OK to be blue in a pond full of red fish." Which I feel like describes a lot of us grown-ups!